BB Partners

BB Partners specializes in consulting and administrative servicing of Bulgarian and international business and individual clients. Our team of professionals offers qualified services related to any business process and management of investment projects.

Our Services Include:

Consulting and Research:
- Accounting, legal and trade consulting;
- Analysis of the business processes, planning and investment control;
- Developing and consulting about the Euro Funds Projects and the renewable energy sources;
- Market research, defining target groups, creating competitive advantages, branding and marketing.

Management and Administration:
- Legal Entity registration, preparing legal documents, registering with the State Authorities;
- Legal consultations, registration of address, etc.;
- Translation services, preparation, authentication and processing of documents, mediation in documents legalization, preparing and organizing documents for auction procedures;
- International courier services for sending bills and other information, business correspondence;
- Managment of projects and funds;
- Human resource training programs.

- Consulting about taxes and expense reduction;
- Filing Annual Tax Declaration;
- Paying taxes, bank and administrative expenses;
- Annual balance accounting for a property tax assessment;
- Paying utility bills (electricity, water, cable TV) and insurance.

Real estate services:
- Courier services for sending bills and other information, concerning your property;
- Full real estate management;
- Up to date information about the real estate market, and presenting offers according to the segment.

Additional services required by the client.