Belgium Bulgarian Partners

BB Partners is a professional consulting company which constantly expands its services in the field of investment, consulting and doing business in Bulgaria and Belgium. We offer "out of the box" solutions and make sure that our services add value to our clients' business. The company has proved its efficiency in forming, coordinating and managing large investment projects by knowing in details the mechanism of the execution of every project. The high professionalism of our employees is what makes us competitive on the consultant services market.
You can learn more about our office and see a video tour of it here.


Additionally, we believe that the more you know about investing, the further we'll go together. We encourage you to use BB Partners' consultations, as well as links you'll find at this Web site, for news and ideas to make our partnership even more powerful.
We empower each client in the management and enjoyment of their wealth and ensure that their financial success and values are passed to future generations. We continuously assess the client's needs and desires for them and their families. These needs and desires can only be addressed through a comprehensive review of each client's current and long-term situation, the development of a unique strategic action plan, and periodic monitoring to determine that each client's specific objectives are being achieved.